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NPR (National Public Radio) Interview with INCIID

INCIID"s IVF Scholarship is explored on NPR May 11. 2011
Carla Van Devander's son Jackson was conceived through in vitro fertilization, the cost of which was financed thanks to donated medical treatment through a scholarship from  INCIID
For more information on the scholarship program and how to apply click here.

The Frees Family

Little Ben

Another From INCIID the Heart Story: The Frees Family

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Ever since the first test tube baby 28 years ago, the use of fertility treatments has become somewhat common. However cost of an IVF cycle ranges from $9-18,000.00. Market Place Public Radio profiled the heart program last year and then did a follow up on one of the first couples to go through the program in March. Lisa Napoli followed one couple who was chosen to participate.

February 1, 2006
Contemporary OB/GYN

January 4, 2006  
UPI: Men Vs. Women online

December 5, 2005

PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Feature the first "Heart Babies" -- 
From INCIID the Heart --- The Nation's first and only NATIONAL IVF Scholarship Program

The arrival of a baby is often described as miraculous. Just ask the Harris and Frees couples who welcomed the first two "Heart Program babies into their homes and into their hearts. . . Read the People Magazine story HERE

Employee Benefit News - December 2005
Employers wary as demand swells for infertility treatment by Jill Elswick

KMOV TV --- St. Louis

February 14, 2005 
Channel 4 news interviewed Dr. Peter Ahlring about his "From INCIID the Heart" Patients


December 28, 2004  ---- Listen to the Story

In vitro fertilization, though common in today's world, is still very expensive. 

Marketplace's Lisa Napoli looks at INCIID's Heart Program.

July 2004

How much did these babies cost? by Molly M.Ginty

INCIID invited into Plum -- 
Summer: 2004 - A magazine devoted to acheiving healthy pregnancies

Featured July 22, 1998 with Soledad O'Brien

July 1996

Originally published in "Today's Dallas Woman"
Help Now Online: Web Site Offers Help for Couples Struggling with Infertility

Miracle in Cyberspace

May 1996

Finding Medical Miracles Online 
~Elizabeth Cohen~

A story CNN did with INCIID's Executive Director just weeks before she gave birth to her first daughter after a 7 year struggle including 4 pregnancy losses and cutting edge treatment for reproductive immunological complications.