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Become an INCIID Corporate Member or Partner


INCIID Corporate Memberships

Webster's Dictionary describes a partnership as “two [organizations] engaged in the same business enterprise. We want our corporate memberships to be a symbiotic venture.

Corporate Memberships offer businesses or agencies specializing in infertility, pregnancy, adoption and parenting the opportunity to reach their target audiences and at the same time support the work and mission of INCIID. A corporate membership with INCIID puts your brand in front of the largest infertility community worldwide.


Annual Corporate Business Membership ($3000.00) includes:

  • Listing of your business, by area of specialty, in INCIID’s Sponsor Directory . (These sponsors are linked from the INCIID Homepage as well as all the main pages on the website.
  • If your clinic or business includes national marketing, we will also list you in the national providers directory.
  • INCIID will profile your business including a description and direct link to your existing website.
  • We will rotate a banner for a month of your choice across our interactive forums
  • Corporate sponsors and partners are listed in every issue of the INCIID Insights Newsletter.
  • Also included is a generous 10% discount on advertising / banner rotation with a contract of 90 days or more.
  • 10% discount on email blasts, webinars, focus groups or other surveys and polls.


In order to enhance the business relationship with partners, INCIID will extend a variety of other opportunities throughout the year.


  • Sponsorship of a live event
  • Rotating banners in the live speaker area
  • Logo branding in the appropriate place on the INCIID website
  • Your press releases take priority
  • Special announcements directly to our consumer population

As a corporate member, you provide needed funds to support the INCIID mission and vision. Your company benefits from the opportunity to have your name associated with a well-respected nonprofit and at the same time you are giving back and serving the community.

We hope you will partner with INCIID to [SEE] support, educate and empower infertility and adoption consumers. For questions, or more information please contact us.

READY to sign on? It's easy with our Professional Membership form. Just select "Corporate Member" and we do the rest.  Become a corporate partner here.